Thursday, 18 April 2013

Te reo

Te Reo food here are some of them.
 Maori  English

aporo  apple

arani   orange

hakari  feast

hanawiti  sandwich

heihei  chicken

heki  egg

huarakau  fruit

huka  sugar

inu tiakarete drinking chocolate

pata  butter

ti tea

tiamu  jam

wai  water

wai maori water

tote  salt

pepa  pepper

tina  lunch

ropere  strawberry

panana banana

conflict data

WALT: interperting and displaying our data for conflict




missusing libray:5



out of bounds:28

pe skills

achievement objective:Movement concepts and motor skills

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Walt collect data for chosen question and display it on bar graph.

Walt write a statement about our findings.

So what:i learnt how to use graphs with smarties

Now what:my next steps is to use to more boxes for my chart


i think green will be the most pop smarty

i think there will be 9 smarties in a box


red smarties:3

blue smarties:2

purple smarties:1

orange smarties:1

pink smarties:2

brown smarties:3

total smarties:12 smarties

My reading

this is my flying fox poster for rules
  1. 9+ to ride
  2. be careful when you climb the ladder
  3. listen to your instructer
  4. be careful
  5. have fun

Jacobs writing

WALT: use the language of news repoting

so what:we learned how to write like a reporter

Now what: to write a bigger story.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Conflict and care values

WALT: classify the types of conflict happening at Oaklands school