Thursday, 17 April 2014


What: try the boys' class out
So what: I found that the boys' class has real hard fitness plus this class has helped me with my learning by the noise level and we can  choose where to sit so that helped me a lot 

Now what try see what next term is like and I may like this class.

Integrated Learning Making Choices

What:Walt Explain how influence effects our choices.

So what: I learnt how choices work.

Now What Learn more types of choices 

Te Reo

WaltLearn my mini

So what learn my mihi with other people I don't know that we'll

Now what learn my mihi off by heart


Walt make a landscape picture of NZ

So What we learnt different techniques.

Now What learn and make a more complex picture.


Walt Explore authors purpose and meaning

So what we learnt PIE (persuasive,Informal,Entertaining)

Now what learn different ways to use PIE.


What:Walt: create and interpret tree diagrams.

So What:we learnt how tree diagrams work.

Now what: learn a more complex tree diagram

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


What: Walt learn how to use self
Regulated learning.

So What: learning about
ANZACS using Self Regulated Learning.

Now What: learn more about SRL.