Thursday, 3 July 2014

Consumer and business explanation

Consumer and Business rights

Consumers and Business have rights and responsiblites that turn to arguments that are good or bad. Sometimes arguments can lead to losing customers, losing trust in manafactures and customers will lose their time and confident. So that what is in this explantion.

Business can lose customers who buy items which are faulty. when items are faulty they have missing parts or defects, don't have instructions and don't fit: clothes for instance, the manafactures could of accidentally ironed the wrong numbers for the types of sizes. This leads to trust because the manafactures mde a faulty item.

Trust a consumer stay till they get a faulty item or get charged more (if it happens). Business trust are not always in customers they are sometimes in products manafactures provide with this could lead to customers will lose time and confident.

Consumers lose their time and confident in the bugs need when they trade faulty items or charge more on a item. Consumers lose their time when manafactures provide faulty goods this leads to losing time and confident in business which means the business loses money to pay employes or the manafactures.

So business and consumer acts protect them in situations.

Jacob McClure.

My solo level would probably be level 4 because I put a lot of good detail and supported my statements with facts.