Friday, 1 November 2013

My 100 Word Challenges

1.   I was alone lost and scared in the woods looking for the lost labyrinth entrance. I had a map of the labyrinth and then I saw two boulders I look at them and then I saw a bright light…IT WAS IT I FOUND THE ENTRANCE TO THE LABYRINTH! I ran over to the boulders .I fell in. I woke up in the dark where’s a torch I said now I’m lost for sure. Where are the torches it echoed.   (84 words)

2.I was walking home. I was half-way home I looked up slowly the sky got darker  there was something strange was happening  an object  came flying down A UFO I screamed I bolted home so scared I nearly tripped up when I looked back it was abducting everything then I saw a green alien  with tentical legs a robot hand  and a face that was half robot  the ship was a mother ship they were abducting animal and humans for its brain power. When I was home I told mum there’s no such thing as ALIENS! we're dead she screamed.   (100 words)

3.Killer has 10 arms. He can kill by:
§  Fire
§  Strangles
§  Cuts
And he can float. He can clone himself too.
He wears a cloak around his head.

It’s Halloween night in New Zealand I’m with my friends when we come to our last house crash boom what was that Louis said shaking I don’t know Jack said. This house is awesome I say we came to the door the door opened by its self. TRICK OR treat we say. No one was home lets go in Joe shouted yea Liam said. We entered the house then we see someone w-who are you I say I,m killer he says.   (100 words) 

4. While I was jet skiing WOOOOOOOOOOOO! I shouted while skimming across the water. Finally I arrive back at shore then a tornado appeared the storm was as fast as a cheetah, loud as a giant it was crushing everything in its path when it blew away my car I screamed NOOOO! I bounced of my jet ski and bolted home when I got there it was gone. The storm blew me to the ground I was scared I ran to a friends house I knocked no answer I barged in come in he said. Hi Joe I said scared. (100 words) 

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